4th TOCL Newsletter (Translation of Cultural Language for the inclusion of migrants)

TOCL Press Release

Fourth and last term of project activities

During the last quarter (October 2023-February 2023) of the TOCL project, the consortium achieved the last outcome milestones.
Namely, in October 2023, we issued the Translating Culture Training Manual syllabus, a comprehensive volume on the theory and application of the Translating Culture methodology developed during the project. The Manual is available in 5 languages, and the English version is freely available on our web page.
During the autumn months, we also concluded the Pilot 2 activities, which included 77 language teachers in five countries using the curriculum knowledge in their language classes. Over 300 migrant students were part of these activities, and the feedback we received was very positive.
Lastly, in January 2024, our implementing partner, Mygrants, began testing the beta version of the TOCL e-learning platform. The platform includes 12 cultural materials from five EU countries, translated into various languages, such as English, French, Ukrainian, and even Albanian and Darija. We also included quizzes on the five cultural topics, so that students can foster individual learning and test their knowledge. The presentation of the platform at Multiplier Events in Barcelona, Bologna, Ljubljana, Ioannina and Nicosia proved that this online tool enhances the language learning experience of migrant students, communities and teachers while promoting inclusion throughout language and cultural understanding. You can access the platform HERE.
To read more about the project, please review our last Newsletter below, available in Greek and English.

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