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Greek red tape is quite similar to the Spanish one…

What we mean by official translations from and into Greek: Normally, an official/public authority may require you to submit an official or certified translation of your original document in the course of an administrative procedure. In some cases, your new employer or a private entity may also require an official or certified translation for other legal purposes. Documents that may require official/certified translation from or into Greek are, among others, tax documents, legal documents, degrees, diplomas, medical certificates, police records and contracts for individuals, and tax documents, legal documents, financial statements, articles of association, meeting minutes, bank statements, contracts, business plans and ISO certificates for companies.

Who provides them: Should the Greek State, a foreign state authority or some other body ask for an official/certified translation from or into Greek, have in mind that in Greece there is no association or body of certified translators, but an association of official translators who provide official translations. Official translations can be carried out by official translators graduates of the Ionian University, many of who are also members of PEEMPIP (Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators, Graduates of the Ionian University), an association founded in 2004 by professional translators who had graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University.

Official translations in Greece are also provided by lawyers who can prove mastering of the foreign language, and by the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this article we will focus on the translations provided by PEEMPIP’s members.

How can I contact an official translator:  You can visit PEEMPIP’s website and find a professional, official translator through the translators’ directory, based on various criteria such as source language, target language and location in Greece. Your official translation will thus be signed by the official translator, include her information in the heading of the document and her professional stamp and PEEMPIP stamp at the end of the document. Bear in mind that members of PEEMPIP don’t offer only official translations, but other language services as well, and in various language combinations.

We, the founders of Yourtranslator and many of the translators we work with, are official translators ourselves, who provide official translations from and into Greek and other languages. So don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for the language combination you need.

3 important points to consider:

a) Depending on the country where your document was issued (if it is a public document), you may need to attach an Apostille on it. This is something YOU have to do before ordering the translation, which will then include the translation of the Apostille in the required language. For more information on the Apostille, please click here.

b) If you intend to submit the translation in Greece, you don’t need to use the original document, you can simply provide your translator with a copy of the document you wish to translate.

c) Make sure you verify with your translator the correct spelling of all individuals’ names and company names, because any mistakes made at that stage may be repeated in the next documents to be issued by the relevant state.

What will it cost: The cost of the official translation depends on the number of pages/documents that need to be translated, which will also determine the time needed for its completion. Make sure you plan your translation ahead, because urgent projects are charged more.

Finally, check if you need more copies of the translation, so that you save time and money by requesting them in advance, and make sure you assign the translation to a professional, official translator bound by a Code of Ethics and a Code of Professional Practice and Conduct, in order to make sure that your sensitive personal data will be duly protected.

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